Too Big, Too Small: A Solution to Children’s Clothing

Organized Kids Closet

Ever get overwhelmed by your kid’s clothing? They grow out of clothing so quickly! I have a solution for organizing their clothing transitions… thanks to Pinterest.  Create bins or totes for “Too Big” and “Too Small”.

This weekend I jumped at the chance to implement this solution in my son’s closet.


Messy closet


Organized Kids Closet Label

I included a “Keepsakes” tote too.  This provide a quick place to store all his art work and other stuff I want to keep.  His keepsakes stay in these boxes until I am ready to permanently store them in the basement.  Tip: When I begin to store them permanently, I go through all the items and if I can’t identify why it is “special”, then I toss it.

I got these plastic totes at Target for only $5.99 each.  They are incredibly sturdy! I use the same totes in my garage to store small outdoor toys.

Now his closet looks and functions so much better!

Organized Kids Closet

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4 thoughts on “Too Big, Too Small: A Solution to Children’s Clothing

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