Organize your ENTIRE home in one day? No way!

Have you ever decided you were going to get organized and began by setting aside a weekend or day to do it?  For most people, this would simply not work.  Setting up a whole house-organizing project is daunting and many people end up overwhelmed and discouraged. 

Messy Office

Don’t even think about attempting to organize this office in one attempt!

Fortunately, there is good news!!! You don’t have to organize every space at once in order to begin your organizing journey!  In fact, I would stress that you SHOULDN’T attempt such a feat!

 To start, walk around your home and make a list of the spaces that need some help.  Be specific and try to break areas down.  For example, don’t just write master bathroom.  Instead write:

  • Master bathroom underneath my sink
  • Master bathroom underneath hubby’s sink
  • My makeup drawer
  • Linen closet


  • Master closet top rack
  • Master closet shelving area by door, etc…

Next, follow these steps to begin getting organized.

 1). Start small.  Choose a small space from your list and begin there.  Small successes often lead to bigger ones.  It also prevents us from getting overwhelmed. 

 2). Be intentional and schedule a time to start AND end.  If you only have one hour to devote to organizing, set a timer and get to work on that one space!  Know that when your timer goes off, you are done for that day.   Be sure to refer to my post on how to physically organize a space.  Also, look to Pinterest for creative ideas on how to maximize your space to function the way you want it to. 

3).  Maintain.  Yep.  I have said it before, but you must be intentional about returning everything to its contained home.   Some day it WILL become a habit, but in the mean time, remain committed to maintaining what you have already set in place.

4). After you’re done with that one space, reward yourself! 

5). Schedule the next item on your list.  Once again, being intentional is key! 

What space will you start with first?


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