How to Stage Your Home For Sale- Top 3 strategies to get top dollar for your home!

If you could get a 586% return on an investment (ROI) would you choose to do it?  586% is the ROI for having your home staged for sale.  That’s a return I can stand behind!  So if you are selling your home or considering selling your home, you need to properly stage it for sale.  Staged homes sell FASTER and for MORE MONEY.  It’s pretty incredible if you ask me!

What does it mean to “stage a house for sale”?

Home staging is the art of making a home look visually appealing to buyers. It can make your home look bigger, brighter, cleaner, warmer, and most importantly, makes buyers want to buy it.


Last week I had the chance to share about home staging on a radio show called “Dollars & Homes with Bruce Brown”Radio Show

This was my first radio experience and it was so much fun that I hope I get to do more in the near future.  Bruce asked some really great questions and I thought I would go ahead and share more on my blog about staging a home. 


3 Most Valuable Strategies for Getting Top Dollar for Your Home:


1)    De-Clutter

Realtors have shared that this is the most common recommendation that they make to sellers.  We often hear that great kitchens and bathrooms are significant selling points in a home, but do you know what ranks just as high?  Storage!  Think about your closets, inside you cabinets, garages, or any other areas that are forms of storage in your home. These areas harbor hidden clutter.  When these areas a cluttered and disorganized it gives the impression that those spaces are smaller and it looks like you don’t care about your home.  I can promise you, people WILL open your cabinets, even your fridge and underneath your bathroom counters. 

The other type of clutter is visual clutter, the kind you see on kitchen counters, on walls, kids toys, or book-shelves. Many sellers don’t see their own dirt and clutter but buyers will.  We tend to get accustomed to seeing all of our stuff on a daily basis, and we tend to place higher value and memories on items that are displayed in our home.  This is where an outside eye can help you to decide what would be best to store away while your house is on the market.  You may think that having all of your kitchen appliances on your counter is ideal and desirable but a buyer will see is as cluttered and lacking space. 

Organized Garage

Be sure to have a clean and organized garage!


2)    Paint rooms in a neutral colors.

Long gone are the days of suggesting that you paint your walls boring old beige.  Think about using warm honey tones or a soft blue or green.  Just be sure your walls are not bright red or any other bold color.  You may love that color but it is taste specific and may turn off a potential buyer. 

neutral colors

Colors by Benjamin Moore


3)    Depersonalize your home

What does it mean to depersonalize your home?  It means to remove anything that is personal or only represents your family such as pictures or college memorabilia.  Even though your family pictures are near and dear to your heart, you want to make sure that potential buyers can envision themselves living in your home.  Here in Kansas City, there is a strong rival between the state universities.  I know people who did not buying a specific home because they had a rival university’s team proudly displayed in their home. 



Keep your love for specific college teams in storage while selling your home. I know it may be harder for you to do this than it will be to put away the family pictures! Trust me, it’s worth it!

Keep in mind that once your home has a for-sale sign in front of it, it is no longer your home- it is a product. 

 Next week, I will share more room-by-room suggestions for staging your home.  Happy staging!


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