10 Tips for Staging Your Living Room

1) Remove all personal pictures.  You want to make sure any potential buyer can picture their family living there.   Tip: Replace large pictures from wall frames with scrap paper or print art.  

2)   Update your window coverings.  Add curtains that blend or coordinate with your neutral wall color.  Tip: Use a crisp bed sheet and drape it over the curtain rode.  Take rubber bands and wrap around the ends and tuck under so you can’t see that it is not sewn (or that it is just a sheet!).  Have them drape to the floor, this gives a warm and romantic appearance.


Curtains from a sheet- finished look. This picture is from this blog: http://inmyownstyle.com/2011/04/staging-or-redecorating-a-few-tricks.html


3)    Group furniture away from the wall.  Having your furniture “float” in a room can give the appearance of more space.

4)    Edit some of your furniture.  Most people simply have too much furniture.  You want to make sure every room looks extra spacious.  This is where an outside eye can help you know what should stay or go into storage.

5)   Group decorations in odd numbers, preferably in three’s.  This is a simple design trick that is pleasing to the eye.

6)   De-clutter and clean out your coat closets.  You want these areas to look spacious so consider removing most of the contents and store elsewhere. 

7)   Store DVD’s and C.D.’s out of sight.  Consider storing DVD’s in a zipper storage sleeve. 

8)   If you have carpet, have it cleaned.

9)   Remove and store all small knick knack’s, tiny rugs, and unnecessary decorations.  They only clutter a room.  Keep items that can be grouped in threes that are larger in scale.

10) Purge! Preparing your home for sale is a great time to assess whether or not you really need all your possessions.  A good question to ask yourself is, “Would I buy this if I saw it in a store today?”  If not, consider donating it!

Do you have any other suggestions for staging a living room?  Do share!


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