Lunch Box Organizing- Inside a Professional Organizer’s Home

Are your mornings a form of organized chaos or just sheer chaos?

I like to think my mornings are organized chaos, but if I am honest with myself, there are days it’s sheer chaos.  Sometimes I prep the night before, but I am not a night person.  My motivation and rational thinking goes to bed around 8PM every night.  I figure I will be a bit sharper and motivated to prepare for the day once the sun rises.  Therefore, I leave many of the morning’s needs to the morning hours.  (I don’t recommend this for everyone!)

My oldest son started kindergarten this year, and I have him take his lunch.  Originally, I was making multiple trips from our shallow pantry to assemble his lunch each morning.  Although, this is definitely a “first world” challenge, it was annoying given it’s morning and I would rather still be sleeping or reading a good book.  As a result, I decided to combine as much of his lunch box items into one container.  Fortunately, I had an empty and large container looking for a new purpose!

Home Organizing

I put nearly 70% of his lunch box items in here.

Lunch Organizing

*** I had to switch to sack lunches when my son decided his reusable lunch box better served as a weapon rather than a portable lunch device. It’s by no means “green” but it was the best way to reduce the likelihood that he will swing it into someone.

Home Organzing

I store my container on top of my fridge. Having containers that fit into my home’s decor lets me store some items out in the open.


This method has helped for three reasons.

1) I can look in one place to see what I need to purchase for the following week’s lunches.

2) I have only one place to put all of his lunch box items once I return from the store

3) It simplifies the lunch making process which is usually happening in a not fully caffeinated state of mind.

One of my jobs as a professional organizer is to increase efficiency and function where ever needed.  Although this method may not be for everyone, it has achieved both of those things for me!

Do you have any lunch prep organizing tricks?


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