Unrealistic Expectations- The REAL Life of an Organizer

I recently stumbled upon an article about a NYC organizer who seems to live the life of perfection. Throughout the article, all I could do is laugh to myself because I am a great professional organizer but my personal life is a form of semi-organized chaos with a swear word thrown in on a regular basis.

For example, this woman boasts about cleaning her shower every day. Hell, I’m happy to get a shower where my youngest doesn’t try to climb in with me and where I don’t forget to rinse my hair out. Clean my shower? I’m pretty sure most of us are happy to simply “clean thy self”!

She also carefully places her “delicates” (aka UNDERWEAR) in the proper delicates laundry bag. Me? I aim for my laundry basket or somewhere in that vicinity. That also means that I sometimes have to leave those dirty clothes on the floor until I do a quick evening pick-up. And guess what? That’s okay!

I find that some people think organizers live unrealistic lives where everything is just right and in it’s place- all the time. Maybe if I had no life, no family, no kids, no friends, no work… I could achieve such success. But that’s unrealistic and undesirable. I love the people in my life and my for-profit and non-profit work is very fulfilling.

I share this because organizers are human too (except this woman, she may be the first organizing robot). We are real people with similar day-to-day struggles which I think makes most of us great at our work. We personally know how challenging it is to stay organized with all the responsibilities and roles that we juggle. (It’s also why it’s been so long since I’ve blogged on here!)

You have my permission to achieve “good enough” status. As a recovering perfectionist, I embrace this wholeheartedly. My shower is not always sparkling clean and my house is far from perfect but life happens here and that’s a beautiful thing.


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