A Few of My Favorite Things- Organizing Your Kid’s Stuff

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Who ever said, “having kids is like having your heart walk outside your body” was profoundly correct. Having children is an incredible journey like no other. However, no one readily warns expecting parents of the amount of STUFF that children … Continue reading

How to Organize Your Closet- Inside a Professional Organizer’s Home

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I’ve had the privileged of coming in and out of many closets 😉 I do get oddly excited when I am asked to organize a client’s closet.  (Yes, I am strange. I acknowledge that.) Modern day closets tend to provide … Continue reading

How to organize your kid’s stuff- Inside a professional organizer’s home

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Kid’s stuff- there is often a lot of it and it tends to be everywhere it shouldn’t be!  Between dealing with all their toy’s and the clothing that they are either destroying or growing out of, organizing a child’s possessions … Continue reading

Too Big, Too Small: A Solution to Children’s Clothing

Organized Kids Closet

Ever get overwhelmed by your kid’s clothing? They grow out of clothing so quickly! I have a solution for organizing their clothing transitions… thanks to Pinterest.  Create bins or totes for “Too Big” and “Too Small”.

This weekend I jumped at the chance to implement this solution in my son’s closet.


Messy closet


Organized Kids Closet Label

I included a “Keepsakes” tote too.  This provide a quick place to store all his art work and other stuff I want to keep.  His keepsakes stay in these boxes until I am ready to permanently store them in the basement.  Tip: When I begin to store them permanently, I go through all the items and if I can’t identify why it is “special”, then I toss it.

I got these plastic totes at Target for only $5.99 each.  They are incredibly sturdy! I use the same totes in my garage to store small outdoor toys.

Now his closet looks and functions so much better!

Organized Kids Closet

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